Bicycle Racks

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• The handlebars do not touch because the bicycle rack is on two levels and avoid breaking handlebars, cables and paint.
• The wheel and bicycle frame lock easily which makes it antitheft.
• The bicycles are free standing. • No stressed wheels.
• The bicycles with baskets park easily.
• Modular: you can put one unit up to one kilometre of bicycle if you want!
• Made of durable aluminum, it will never rust.
• Like all I Kkwit products, it is available in 400 colours.
• It matches all the I Kkwit products.
• Available in a dismantable version*, for easy snow removal in the winter. Only the poles remain in place.
• It easily accommodates all types and sizes of bicycles.
• Its elevated design prevents accumulation of debris at its base.
• Its unique design allows putting:
• 2 bicycles where everyone puts 1 (model RV-1)
• 3-5 bicycles where everyone puts 2 (model RV-2)
• 6-8 bicycles where everyone puts 4 (model RV-4)
• 10-12 bicycles where everyone puts 6 (model RV-6)
• 14-16 bicycles where everyone puts 8 (model RV-8)
• 18-20 bicycles where everyone puts 10 (model RV-10)
• 20-22 bicycles where everyone puts 12 (model RV-12)
• 28-30 bicycles where everyone puts 16 (model RV-16)
• 32-34 bicycles where everyone puts 18 (model RV-18)
• 36-38 bicycles where everyone puts 20 (model RV-20)
• 1 free standing bicycle, space saver (model Vert-i-Kal)

So 240 bicycles in 120
feet where everyone
would put 120 !

* The support as well as the grounds is easy to maintain. Since it is raised, its concept and unique design allow for more bicycles in less
space. Moreover, the part that holds the bicycles can be detachable, if we want, allowing for snow removal between the two poles. You
should really see it!
** Model Vert-i-Kal: Wall mounted bicycle rack for indoor parking, where the bicycles will be free standing! They can be put : in series on the
wall, on a single column and/or many on the same column like a Christmas tree. A pure ecstacy of design, the ease-of use when parking the
bicycles as well as its efficiency and above all it is a space saver

  • RV-1: Bicycle racks I Kkwit RACK@BIKES

  • RV-2: Bicycle racks I Kkwit RACK@BIKES

  • RV-4: Bicycle racks I Kkwit RACK@BIKES

  • RV-6: Bicycle racks I Kkwit RACK@BIKES

  • RV-8: Bicycle racks I Kkwit RACK@BIKES

  • RV-10: Bicycle racks I Kkwit RACK@BIKES

  • RV-12: Bicycle racks I Kkwit RACK@BIKES

  • Vert-i-Kal: Vertical Bicycle rack I Kkwit RACK@BIKES