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IKkwit Ashtrays
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Garbage bins

IKkwit Garbage bins
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IKwit Benches
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Bicycle racks

IKkwit Bicycle racks
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IKkwit Bollards
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Exterior tables from IKkwit
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Rack @ Golf

Revolutionary Ikkwit Golf Rack
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Winshield Washer Stackers

To help Gaz Station keep their places clean !
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Heated Bird Baths

IKkwit Heated Bird Bath
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Its name: I Kkwit TM Urban Exterior Ashtray Tower, a word play on: I quit smoking... And at 44 years old I quit everything to start my business! Because its shape resembles the letter i, I have also added a dot on top, thus dotting my Is and crossing my Ts! It also serves as a handle to hold the cover when emptying the container. Why 2 k’s? Well the HEC have taught me the impacKt of th...
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